The basketball which Kuroko plays.
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Anonymous asked : Oh my God. Other than the fact that you're good at this, I can't not ask you for a scenario! How about a ✖MuraHimu??

You think I’m good? Thanks!! ´w`

-> Who was the one to propose: Himuro, in the most Hollywood-ish way possible. The kid grew up watching cheesy romance films with Alex whenever she was stressed or feeling down.

-> Who stressed more over wedding planning: As he has cooks in the family, Mukkun took lots and lots of care about the food in the wedding. Himuro was very careful about the seating arrangment (i.e. putting all of the Seirin guys next to the altar since Kagami would be his best man)

-> Who decorated the house: Himuro, since Murasakibara doesn’t knows very well the meaning of ‘decorating’ and/or ‘organizing’.

-> Who does the cooking: They tooks turns and absolutely love each other’s food.

-> Who does the cleaning: Himuro. Or rather, Murasakibara is insensitive to dirt and stuff so this task is obligatorily Himuro’s.

-> Who is more organized: Himurocchi ofc

-> Who initiates bedroom fun: They don’t even initiate it, a simple kiss can turn into a long night, y’know.

-> Who suggested kids first: Himuro miss the days he teached basketball to children in the USA, tbh.

-> Who apologises first when they fight: Himuro, as in almost everything I answered here. But sometimes he refuses to do it when he thinks Mukkun is really wrong on his point.

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the basketball which kuroko plays
aomine Happy Birthday!!!2014.8.31

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the basketball which kuroko plays
aomine Happy Birthday!!!2014.8.31

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For Aomine week!
 Ace (Light/Shadow)
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